Double Layer Hooded Windbreaker

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100% polyester and fleece

Zipper closure

➤Breathable Moisture Wicking Outer Shell: made from highly durable, wear resistant 100% polyester, the shell features a breathability index of up to 5000 for improved air circulation.

➤3 in 1 Design: the fleece jacket can be detached and worn to keep warm on cold days and colder nights. Featuring hypoallergenic material, with outer shell it can insulate your body heat from the cold and keep you warm.

➤Superior Waterproofing Technology: this jacket is a superior technological work, made using professional water repellent and featuring durable, rugged materials. Guaranteed to stand up against the toughest of storms.

➤Excellent Windproof System: a detachable hood with loop-straps, adjustable cuffs and hemline all combine to block winds effectively.