SUBNADO Accessory Box

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Packing list and Instructions for Use 

Charger: Select a charger that supports fast charging protocol to speed up charging.

USB-C charging cable: Open the waterproof cover and insert the USB-C charging cable.

Subnado Wired Thumb Controller(Extended)*2: Install the wired thumb controller on the corresponding position.

Cylinder bracket: Install the cylinder bracket on the gas cylinder, and the main unit can be installed on the cylinder bracket through the quick release part.

Board bracket: Tear off the sticker on the board bracket and paste it to the bottom of the board (such as a surfboard).Install the main unit to the board bracket through quick-release part.

Nano sticker*6: Tear off the nano sticker and paste it to the paddle board bracket.

Velcro straps(600mm)*2: The leg mount have special velcro straps, please replace before use.

Waist belt: Fasten the belt around the waist. Pass the straps on both sides of the waist belt through the holes above the leg mount,and then fix them with nylon straps.

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