Enhanced Modularity for Easy Upgrades and Maintenance

Enhanced Modularity: 7 modules, extensive customization, easy upgrade and maintenance.
The Waydoo Flyer EVO boasts an enhanced modular design with seven distinct modules, offering extensive customization options. This extensive modularity allows riders to tailor their eFoil experience to their specific preferences, including adjustments based on skill level and riding style. With options available for each module, maintenance and upgrades are simplified, ensuring a seamless and adaptable eFoiling experience.

3 Skill-Level-Based Preconfigured Packages

For added convenience, the Waydoo Flyer EVO offers three preconfigured packages tailored to different skill levels: beginner, intermediate, and master. These packages simplify the selection process for riders by providing options that align with their proficiency with eFoiling. While each package is preset to suit specific skill levels, riders still have the flexibility to customize individual modules according to their preferences.










More Speed, Power, and Endurance

Maximal Speed
Maximal Output Power
Maximal Battery Life
Maximal Load Capacity

Explore the Board Options

Explore the board options available with the Flyer EVO, each designed to meet your specific needs. Distinct options include Max Plus, Pro/Pro Plus, and Master Plus boards, with Max Plus, Pro Plus, and Master Plus boards featuring embedded sensors and GPS for smart eFoiling. The 130L Max Plus and 90L Pro/Pro Plus boards prioritize safety with durable EPP material, reducing impact risks. For agility and style, consider a 75L Master Plus board crafted from premium Kevlar. Experience enhanced maneuverability with the new handle design, and easily attach accessories like action cameras with the expansion hub. With a focus on safety, performance, and customization, the Waydoo Flyer EVO offers a tailored eFoiling experience.

Quiet, Modular for Easy Servicing

EVO Power Unit: 4000W and 6000W output options, quiet, modular for easy servicing.
The EVO Propulsion Unit comes in three versions: Standard, Performance, and Elite. The Standard unit, with a 4000W power output, is designed for riders up to 130kg and is crafted using the die casting method for reliable performance. Both the Performance and Elite units offer a 6000W power output, capable of propelling weights up to 170kg. The Performance is also die-cast, while the Elite, made using CNC machining, features a sleek, premium appearance. Designed to pair with the 75L Master Plus board, the Elite provides the ultimate eFoiling experience. All units are easy to maintain and upgrade, ensuring a tailored and long-lasting eFoiling journey.

Lightweight and Long Life

Powerflight Battery: 36Ah and 45Ah options, aluminum casing, IP68 waterproof, built-in LCD display, safety upgrade.
The Flyer EVO offers two battery options: a 36Ah and a larger 45Ah capacity, each encased in a robust aluminum alloy casing. The 35Ah battery, known for its lighter weight, provides agility and maneuverability on the water, while the 45Ah option offers extended run time for longer eFoiling adventures. Both batteries are IP68 waterproof and feature leak-detection alert for added reliability. Capable of reverse charging when paired with the inverter charger, they can serve as power sources as well. Additionally, the batteries incorporate optical signal transmission for more stable signal communication. The built-in monitor provides an intuitive user interface, offering real-time battery status updates.

Forged Carbon Fiber Mast

Unparalleled strength, Lightness, and Carving Sensation.

EVO 27" (69cm) Mast

Aluminium alloy, shortest, suits the beginners.

Crafted from durable aluminum alloy, this mast is the shortest, making it perfect for beginners or casual riders looking for stability and ease of control on the water.

EVO 31"(79cm) Mast Carbon

AluForged carbon fiber, light, strong, premium.

Made from forged carbon fiber, this mast combines lightweight construction with intermediate length, offering riders an optimal balance of agility and stability. It is the perfect all-around choice for riders seeking versatility and performance across all eFoiling conditions.

EVO 35"(89cm) Mast

Aluminium alloy, longest, suits the adepts.

Constructed from sturdy aluminum alloy, this mast is the longest option available, providing advanced riders with the additional height needed to execute aggressive turns precisely.

Wing Options

EVO Remote
EVO Remote: refreshed UI, refined trigger mechanism, greater comfort.
The upgraded EVO remote features a completely reimagined interface and trigger mechanism for better control and precision on the water. The new design offers a larger control range, enabling smoother and more refined maneuvers. Additionally, the enhanced wrist strap with silicone padding ensures greater comfort and security during your ride.

Smarter, Safer, and Faster

Integrated screen: real-time battery status.

The industry-first integrated LCD screen provides real-time information, such as battery level, charging status, and operational warnings at a glance, offering a significant upgrade over traditional indicator lights.

Smart charger: reverse charging, adaptive charging.

The Powerflight batteries offer high input fast charging, reducing downtime significantly. With the optional inverter charger, they can power other devices. These batteries are adaptable to AC or DC power sources and different voltages and provide exceptional flexibility.

Transform Your Ride with Abundant Add-On Parts


The Mover: quick installation, easy transport.

The Mover is a versatile set of wheels compatible with 130L and 90L boards. Designed with fat and durable wheels, it is perfect for navigating sandy and rough terrain, making transporting your Flyer EVO effortless.

Scooter Kit

Scooter Kit: auxiliary handlebar, exceptional stability and control.

Transform your eFoiling experience with the EVO Scooter Kit, which introduces a scooter form to your 130L Max Plus board. This kit comes with a handlebar that easily attaches to the board's nose, providing exceptional stability and control.