Efoil, the future of hydrofoil?

I have been keen on classic foil for years. Since I was concerned that I would never be a firm fan of classic foil again, I feared to try an efoil. To challenge myself, I decided to try the board of the leading efoil manufacturer, Waydoo.

It is convinced that flying on a foil should be a bucket list item, and it's far more accessible than skydiving – most people who take a lesson can fly within an hour and experience the feeling of flight above water. I expected e-foiling to feel more clunky, less fluid, and just not as authentic as classic foiling because an e-foil weighs close to four times heavier than a classic foil; however, I was wrong, and I was amazed at how similar they felt.

Flying on an e-foil was even easier than I expected once you got used to using a trigger to generate thrust, which was a lot easier to control on a classic foil. Learning a classic foil can be a multi-hour experience that takes a lot of patience.

waydoo flyer one

It was amazing to fly without the pull from a jet ski or boat and the need for a driver and spotter. I love pumping on classic foil long distances, although it is tiring. The e-foiling was relaxing, but it still required the same focus and attention as a classic foil. You can't let your mind wander, or you'll end up in the water. E-foiling has the same exhilarating feeling of flight as classic foiling, and I haven't yet met someone who didn't like that feeling of flying. E-foiling's here to stay, and most people who've experienced it agree that it's mesmerizing therapeutic and a perfect "disconnect" from everyday life. There's room for both classic foil and efoil in my life. E-foiling does open up a new kind of fun, and my family fell in love with it; however, I don't think it can replace classic foiling for me. For anyone who has experienced both, I think they would agree that there's time and place for each and would enjoy having access to both. Classic foils are special. There is nothing like pumping in silence around the water under the power of only your body and then riding the distant wake of a boat. The feeling is a thrill and an adrenaline rush, and like many things in life, the tasks that don't come easy are the most rewarding. Start pumping and stealing the wakes of passing boats are challenging, but they're absolutely rewarding. 

How do efoils work? 

E-foiling offers the same great feeling of flight but on a much less steep learning curve. It's also thrilling to put that power in the palm of your hand, a Bluetooth wireless controller. Equipped with an electric propeller, the hydrofoil board is powered by an electric motor and rechargeable battery.

waydoo flyer one mastwaydoo efoil

Waydoo Flyer One eFoil board

If you have never flown on a foil, I encourage you to try it yourself, and this unique sport might hook you. If you want to buy a newbie-friendly efoil board, I recommend this Waydoo Flyer One efoil board.


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