Subnado-Underwater Scooter

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  • Compact & portable design for an easy carry-on.
  • Truly free your hands with the finger ring controller.
  • Quick-release mounting creates more possibilities.
  • For multiple over/underwater activities- SUP, surfboard or gas tank.
  • Max depth of 60m.
  • Max speed of 1.4m/s with a single scooter, 2m/s with two.
  • 100W USB-C fast charge ready, fully charged in 1.2 hours.
  • The accessories mount supports 3 auxiliary accessories
  • Child-friendly design.
  • 98Wh Lithium-ion built-in battery, airline approved.

* Subject to the user's weight and water conditions.

Subnado-Underwater Scooter
Subnado-Underwater Scooter
Subnado-Underwater Scooter
Subnado-Underwater Scooter
Subnado-Underwater Scooter

Subnado Underwater Scooter

Unlock Your Infinite Possibilities Of Diving.

Compact & Portable Design

Lightest. Most portable. Airline Approved.

subnado underwater scooter in the backpack

Finger Ring Controller

Truly free your hands. Fully engage underwater life.

Quick-release Mounting System

One device. More possibilities, more fun!

use subnado sea scooter for different underwater activities
Gopro mounted on the subnado sea scooter

Compatible Mount

Document your underwater memories.

Power System Beyond Imagination

Incredible depth means infinite possibilities.

60-meter scuba diving with subnado underwater scooter
advanced propulsion system of subnado underwater scooter

Scientific improvements boost efficiency

Exploring the aquatic world by flying underwater.

Child-Friendly Design.

Safe & Fun For Family

children are using the subnado underwater scooter in the swimming pool
charging teachnology of subnado underwater scooter

Also a portable power bank

Industry-leading Charging Tech

Product Spec

the spec of subnado underwater scooter

What’s in The Box