Special things about Waydoo Flyer One Efoil Plus

Efoiling was a niche water sport, but with the arrival of summer and the increase of related brands on the market, it has become an emerging fashionable pursuit. As a superb water sports player, are you struggling to decide which eFoil to buy? When you finish reading this article, you'll soon make the decision.

1. Customizable efoil set

Most of the eFoil sets on the market are set and cannot be changed to select accessories. Do you struggle with wanting a board made of carbon but want a mast for beginners? No worries; all your needs can be met at Waydoo since the latest upgraded generation of  Flyer One Plus is customizable by choosing your board, mast, and wing. Sounds amazing? Try to customize your incredible ride. 

waydoo flyer one plus efoil

waydoo Flyer One Plus Efoil

2. The simplicity of the battery design

Your preparation can be effortless. Compared with other eFoils, Waydoo Flyer One Plus eFoil enables a two-step installation procedure, allowing a quick assembly and plug-and-play ride. Waydoo eFoil is the world's first integrated, cordless electric hydrofoil equipped with the proprietary PowerFlight Cell Lithium-ion battery. The smart Battery Management System (BMS) and IP68 waterproof ability offer comprehensive protection during operation, making your ride safe and smooth. Also, it is designed to handle rugged marine environments - both rechargeable and replaceable. Take this easy-carry electric hydrofoil to Hawaii, Maui, or Oahu to start your exciting trip on the water. 

cordless battery of Waydoo Efoil board

Waydoo's cordless battery

3. Accessible luxury to water sports

Hesitant because of the price? Liftfoils eFoil (12,500 USD) or the Fliteboard (12,595 USD / 10,600 EUR). Waydoo would be the most suitable one for your first try on eFoil. From only 6,549 EUR, nearly half of the price of other eFoils but the same quality, the price will no longer deter you from doing water sports. How could Waydoo reach this incredible goal? Read this article to reveal their secret.

the man is riding Waydoo Efoil on the rivier

4. High-density expanded polypropylene (EPP) foam

Waydoo's exclusive expanded polypropylene (EPP) foam is high-density, while an embedded aluminum alloy frame gives the board more rigidity. At the same time, the perfect combination of these two materials makes efoil exceptionally light while easy to clean and maintain, making your journey more enjoyable. Also, the dampening properties of the material reduce the risks of injuries from body-board contact, which is friendly to beginners.

waydoo's Epp efoil board

Waydoo's Epp efoil board

5. Connection to the App

After surfing on the water, you may want to recall the fascinated riding experience. No worry, the Waydoo app can help you achieve it. Whether you are an ios or android user, you can use the app to view your ride in real-time.

You can track your session with onboard GPS and share your joy on the SNS. A Waydoo community is provided for you to discuss skills and find answers to your questions about eFoil. It is convenient for you to monitor your board status to check whether it is safe to surf on the water.

Waydoo Efoil App

Come and get your Flyer One Plus efoil to find more unique things about how Waydoo will bring your amazing water journey! I'm sure you'll be deep in it.

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