Established in 2018 in Shenzhen, widely considered China's Silicon Valley, Waydoo is a tech company that focuses on developing, manufacturing, and marketing intelligent water sports hardware. Initially started as a passion project by Dennis Zhu, the founder of TXA, one of China's leading producers of agricultural UAVs now partially owned by DJI, Waydoo has been on the track of rapid expansion since its inauguration. Thanks to the solid technological foundations laid down by TXA in structural design, hydromechanics, electrical engineering, industrial design, and manufacturing, our R&D team was able to launch our first ever eFoil surfboard - the Waydoo Flyer - in 2019, less than one year into the company's existence.


Company name:Vitech GmbH
Company registration number:HRB 118922
Registered company address:Sindlingen Bahn Str.116,65931 Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

MAY 2018

Waydoo was founded in Pingshan, Shenzhen, and officially commenced the R&D of Waydoo Flyer,


Waydoo's first product, the Waydoo Flyer Foil surfboard, was launched at the 2019 CES in Las Vegas, United States.

MAY 2019

The presence of Waydoo Flyer at the Guangzhou, China, International Yacht, RV and General Aviation Industry Exposition raised ample attention and interest from watersport professionals, agencies and enthusiasts.

JUNE 2019

Waydoo Flyer appeared at the National Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week (Hangzhou Venue) and the Motosurf China Open Championship, allowing users to experience the power of technology and the appeal for watersports.

APRIL 2019

Waydoo Flyer was showcased at the Singapore Yacht Show, becoming the center of attention to many watersport enthusiasts.


Waydoo Flyer started to ship globally.


Waydoo Tech received funding in it's Pre-Series-A fundraising.

JUNE 2020

Waydoo launched the Flyer ONE, it's next-generation eFoil, on Kickstarter. In comparison to its predecessor, the Waydoo Flyer ONE received a wide range of upgrades. Although it had a record-breaking price tag for the platform, the campaign concluded with over 500 units being sold, making it one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns of the year.

JULY 2020

Waydoo received wide coverage from some of the world's top tech news outlets, including CNET, 36Kr, Tencent Tech News and NetEase Technews.


I Love Invention, a program produced by China Central Television (CCTV), conducted an in-depth report on the Waydoo Flyer, bringing its name to broader audiences.

APRIL 2021

Waydoo Flyer ONE appeared in the opening ceremony for the Spring Still-water Kayaking National Championship/Qualification Games for Tokyo Olympic/Qualification Trails for the 14th National Games hosted in the Guangdong International Rowing Center, and live covered by CCTV Sports.

MAY 2021

3 years since Waydoo's naissance, Economics Daily, a leading economics and financial newspaper in China, published a column article titled Competition Against International Counterparts based on an interview with Waydoo's COO.


Waydoo and Game for Peace, a popular mobile game published by tech giant Tencent, jointly launched the Summer Surfing Challenge campaign. The game offered the Flyer ONE as a vehicle to players, allowing everyone to experience the sensation of gliding over the water in the virtual world. The collaboration also brought the Flyer ONE to a giant digital billboard in the iconic Times Square.


The first #WaydooSummerChallenge Content Contest attracted competition from nearly 100 Waydoo lovers from 25 countries worldwide.


Economics Daily overseas edition reported that Waydoo was bringing a new way of surfing with the Flyer ONE, inspiring interests in eFoiling among the general public.


Waydoo was awarded the first prize in the Advanced Manufacturing category of the 13th China (Shenzhen) Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition.