How to activate my plus power unit and PowerFlight battery?

1. Ensure you have downloaded and installed the Waydoo app on your phone before activation. You can either download it by searching "waydoo app" from the Apple store /google play store or scan the code through https://waydootech.com/pages/download.

2. Refer to the tutorial video in the below link to activate your power unit and PowerFlight
battery:Activate Mast Plus & Powerflight Battery

3. Refer to the tutorial video in the below link to activate your controller plus
How to upgrade Flyer ONE Plus remote and mast activation-free firmware in FlyerUpgradeTools - iOS

How to upgrade Flyer ONE Plus remote and mast activation free firmware in FlyerUpgradeTools -Android

How to power on and operate the pairing?

1. Please refer to the tutorial video in the below link

Turn on&off Powerflight Battery & Bluetooth Pairing

How to upgrade my power unit and battery?

1. Ensure you have downloaded and installed the Waydoo app on your phone before activation. You can either download it by searching “FlyerUpgradeTools” from Apple store /google play store or scan the code through https://waydootech.com/pages/download

2. Open “FlyerUpgradeTools”.
Tap the power button with the magnet keychain once until the battery light up
and then vertically move away by 15-20 cm. Place the magnet on the power button
for 5s until the battery is powered on. Please ensure the device is on during
the upgrade and make sure other devices are off to avoid interference.

3. Click “scan BLE devices” on the app, and connect the device.

4. After pressing “Upgrade” on the phone, quickly tap the connection button within 15s
with the magnet keychain until the board enter upgrade.

5. Wait for the mast and battery upgrade to be completed. If the battery does not need to be upgraded, there will be a prompt to end.

How to find part’s serial number ?

Serial numbers are a long list of letters and numbers. They are an important identity information for each part. They can be found in the corresponding location.

1) Battery serial number is printed near the handle

2) Board serial number is printed at battery compartment

3) Power unit’s serial number is printed at masthead

4) Controller plus’s serial number is printed near the trigger

5) Charger serial number is printed near the indicator

You can also connect to Waydoo app to view the serial number of the controller, battery, and power unit.

How to choose the right propeller for me?

Waydoo Flyer One Plus has three propeller options.

1) The 120-Full-Featured Propeller is a basic and general propeller, which is more power efficient than the Waydoo Flyer One‘s, taking into account the performance of take-off, cruise and high speed.

2) The 120-Efficient Propeller is an advanced propeller, which is more power-efficient than the 120-Full-Featured Propeller and is more suitable for cruising in the 18-25km/h speed range but is not recommended for users weighing more than 100kg.

3) The 140-Glide Folding Propeller is a metal foldable propeller without a propeller guard for higher speeds in wave areas that are more challenging.

How to replace the propeller?

What does the "L" , which appears in the upper right corner of the controller mean?

"L" is a unique logo on the Waydoo Flyer One Plus controller, indicating a long-distance mode of Bluetooth connectivity with stronger signal performance.

How to register a user license for Waydoo Flyer One Plus for legal use in the United States?

The HIN code is engraved near the mast installation hub . Please select the "HSH" code if you are in the United States, and then download the 'MSO format' to fill in. Please contact the official service email address, support@waydootech.com,
if you replace a new board and need to re-register.

'MSO' format

What should I do if my board does not work?

You can contact us in any of the following ways, and please specify the issue you are experiencing.

1) Please contact the local authorized dealer.

2) Please contact us via https://waydootech.com/pages/support.

3) Please contact us via support@waydootech.com

4) Please contact us via http://support.waydootech.com/Claim

How to charge the battery?

1. Place the PowerFlight battery in a cool, dry location away from flammable or hot items.

2. Connect the charger's DC cable to the battery's DC port, press firmly to install it in place, and place the battery face up on the hard ground.

3. Plug the AC cord into a wall outlet.

4. Tap the battery’s linking button once with the magnet keychain. The charger’s indicator will change from steady blue light to a flashing blue light, waiting for communication.

5. When the flashing blue light turns to flashing green, the battery is now charging.

6. When the Charger indicator changes from flashing green to steady green, it means that the PowerFlight Battery charge fully. The PowerFlight Battery usually takes 2 hours to charge fully. When the indicator flashes red on the charger, it means the PowerFlight Battery is malfunctioning. Stop charging immediately if this happens.

How can I know when the battery is running out?

When the battery runs down to 20%, the board's top middle light LED lightning will start flashing.

How should I store the powerflight cell battery?

When you don't need to use the battery, it is recommended to put it in the battery safety box and place it in a dry, cool place. If it is not used for a long time, the battery power should be maintained at 40%-60% during storage.

Quick Guide

What is “FlyerUpgradeTools”?

“FlyerUpgradeTools” is an app that is developed by Waydoo and used for upgrading the firmwares of Waydoo Flyer devices. Upgrading firmwares can help solve certain device issues and improve user experience.

Where can I download the “FlyerUpgradeTools”?

Please search “FlyerUpgradeTools” in Apple App Store (iOS) or on Google Play (Android).

What kinds of app permissions should I give to this app in order to run it normally?

Permissions that the app asks for during the installation process, such as the Bluetooth, Read& Write and Wireless Data, etc.

When should I use “FlyerUpgradeTools” to update the firmwares of my Waydoo Flyer ONE?

We recommend customers to always use the latest firmwares in order to have an enhanced user experience. The firmwares of the mast/foil and the remote controller should be updated together to make sure that they are using the SAME version of firmware.

How to update the mast’s firmware?

Waydoo Foil Firmware Upgrade: Learn more.

How to update the remote controller’s firmware?

Waydoo Handheld Firmware Upgrade: Learn more.

How to get a log file of my mast? I need to extract a log record to report a product issue.

For Apple device: Open the app, press “Request Data”, select the device, choose/input the time length of your log, then confirm and send the log to Waydoo with the default email setting in your device.

For Android device: Connect the mast, press the LOG button on the upgrade interface, select the time length of your log, upload and confirm to send it to the back end. You will need to mark down the file name and provide it to Waydoo.

I tried to send my log file to Waydoo’s back end/Email but kept failing. What can I do?

Please check the app permission setting of “FlyerUpgradeTools” on the mobile device/phone, including but not limited to Bluetooth, Read&Write and Wireless Data (or Wi-Fi).

For Apple device users, please check the “Mail” setting.

My mast/board and the remote controller can not get paired.

For all connectivity problems, please update the controller and mast’s firmwares with the latest version of “FlyerUpgradeTools”. Then try to manually pair them again.

My remote controller’s screen stays black after getting firmware upgrade. What should I do?

The Jet ONE controller has 2 types of screen -- 128mmx160mm and 240mmx240mm. Remotes with different screens require different firmware. Wrong version could cause the black-screen issue of a remote controller.

Usually the firmware upgrade app will auto-select the proper version for the remote. If your remote gets the wrong firmware, you can still fix this black-screen issue by re-upgrading its firmware.

Waydoo Re-upgrade a Black-Screen Remote: Learn more.

“FlyerUpgradeTools” can not find my mast/remote on the list of Bluetooth Devices.

1. Make sure that your phone’s Bluetooth is ON and the app gets Bluetooth app permission.

2. Make sure that your mast/remote is powered on and NOT connected to any remotes/masts.

3. Make sure that other masts or remotes are turned off.

4. Re-open the app and click “Scan BLE Device” again.

I can’t update the firmwares because the app won’t read the Current Firmware Version.

Don’t mind it. Just click on the “Upgrade” button and continue the upgrade process.

I stuck at the page of “Handheld/ Foil Upgrade Guide”. The upgrade process won’t begin.

You must have missed some steps. Please read the guide carefully or watch the tutorial videos (refer to Q5 & Q6). Then restart the whole process from the beginning.

Can I use a remote controller and a mast that have different batches of firmware version?

No, you can’t. Even though this remote and the mast can get paired. The mast motor won’t respond to the signal from the remote. Please update the firmwares for both of the remote and the mast to the same version.

I just replace a new remote controller/mast. The motor of my WFO won’t respond to the remote now.

Probably firmware problem. Please refer Q14.