The Amazing Boat Show is Coming Back

    After a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19, the five-day Dubai International Boat Show, one of the world's top three boat shows, finally made its grand return on March 9th. Originally known as the Watersports and Powerboat Show, it was first held near Dubai Creek and the Dubai World Trade Centre. And it gradually moved along the main road, Sheikh Zayed Road, to the Dubai International Yacht Club, and finally to the newly built Dubai Harbor.    

(from Youtube:Dubai International Boat Show - 9 - 13 March, Dubai Harbour - YouTube

    The exhibition had many attractive features. First of all, it presented a number of activities. Visitors to the Dive MENA Expo can explore the world of diving, learn about diving equipment and hear from famous divers such as Ahmed Gabr, who broke the Guinness World Record for the world's deepest scuba dive, and award-winning filmmaker and underwater photographer David Diley.

     Moreover, the Middle East Yachting Conference was a key agenda item at the show. The Middle East Yachting Conference brought together over 100 of the biggest names in the yachting industry. Speakers included Michael Breman, Sales Director of Lürssen, Kevin Rice, Chief Creative Officer of Pininfarina, and in particular Sahar al Rasti, the first female captain in the UAE, who was also present at the conference. The conference featured presentations ranging from cyber security threats to the empowerment of female yacht crews.

 Sahar al Rasti  


Dive MENA Expo

     The theme of the exhibition was equally appealing - sustainability. With its focus on eco-friendly product launching and driving important discussions on how the industry can give back to the environment, DIBS 2022 laid the foundations for a sustainable industry. This major five-day event aimed to combine the UAE's zero-emissions targets with solutions that address trends in ecological issues as part of its composition.

     This year's exhibition included debut yachts, a stunning range of newly built models and a variety of up-and-coming boats and water toys. Many new yachts were launched exclusively at this exhibition. France-based start-up Seabbles, launched its new generation of urban hydrogen blimps, the seabbble H2, a sustainable transport alternative for waterways, marine areas, and protected areas. Meanwhile, Sunreef Yachts, the world's leading custom catamaran builder, showcased its eco-friendly catamaran Eco, which combines electric propulsion, superyacht living space, reliable sailing performance, and the industry's latest green technology to create a luxurious but totally eco-friendly catamaran powerboat. Many new products echoed the theme of the exhibition.

    In addition to the yachts, many water toys also caught the eye. Faro boats, electric hydrofoils, and more also made a spectacular appearance at the exhibition. The Faro boat is the first fully autonomous, 100% sustainable boating solution combined with a solar base. Electric hydrofoils also attracted a lot of attention. What is an electric hydrofoil? An electric hydrofoil is a surfboard with an electric propeller. It is powered by a virtually silent electric motor that allows the eFoils to move quietly and emission-free while flying on the water. You don't need to look for a time and beach with waves - with an eFoil, you can enjoy the thrill of surfing whenever and wherever you want. You will be able to feel the excitement and pleasure of water sports while being green at the same time.

Waydoo Flyer One eFoil

    The exhibition provided an opportunity for peer-to-peer exchanges and allowed water sports enthusiasts to come together and discuss with each other. It would greatly contribute to the development of the marine leisure industry.


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