Waydoo Flyer One Efoil VS Flyer One Plus Efoil

In the Efoil market, Waydoo's first-generation Flyer One Efoil has received a lot of attention since its launch, and the EPP edition has especially been a hot-selling product. (Meet Waydoo Efoil via Comments)  After combining customer feedback and the latest market demand, Waydoo researched and finally launched the second generation-Flyer One Plus in 2022: the board, mast, speed, and other performance upgrades and the customization also greatly enhance the customer's buying experience. Let's look at what's new and shiny in this highly anticipated new product! 

Superior Upgrades of Flyer One Plus

  • Product Enhancement – Performance upgrades / Accessory upgrades/ Parameter comparison of Flyer One & Flyer One Plus
  • Customized buying experience - Fully meet your needs
  • Pre-order method - Save your mind and money on the shopping process
  • Outstanding features retained – Cordless battery/ High-density EPP foam material

Product Enhancement  

1. Performance upgrades

Board is lighter but stronger, giving you the next level efoiling thrill. Your ride will be smooth, easily maneuverable, and rock-steady with our re-engineered boards. Thanks to the rigorous analyses and simulation, the boards come wrapped in an aluminum alloy frame, making them 3.5kg lighter while their rigidity increased by 60%. We provide you with EPP and carbon materials to choose from with careful consideration. What are the differences between these two materials? We will clarify this in the later paragraph. 

A more powerful propulsion assembly lets you fly faster and quieter. You can experience exhilarating speeds of up to 40km/h, a breakthrough compared to the Flyer One Series. The more powerful propulsion system makes a 25% reduction in your efoil board size yet increases propulsive efficiency by 95%. The Plus version has been greatly improved for the noise problem of Flyer One operation, which will be lower due to better fluid dynamics from our redesigned propeller system, giving you the ultimate cruising experience.

Longer battery life enables you to enjoy complete freedom limitlessly. With a fully charged Flyer One Plus Efoil, you can enjoy up to a 120-minute ride, much longer than the Flyer One series. No need to worry about the range time; you can have more fun efoiling, enjoying the company of the waves, and feeling the complete freedom with uncompromised battery life. (*Battery life varies according to the user's weight, water condition, and riding methods.)

the girl is on the newest waydoo efoil board

2. Accessory upgrades

Enhanced connectivity controller. The Bluetooth connectivity between the controller and the power unit is improved. The upgraded chipsets inside the Flyer ONE Plus efoil controller and the mast make the connection more stable, even in choppy waters, giving you real-time information, intuitive control, and full of security.

The wheeled carrying case makes your ride effortless. All the accessories required for assembly fit perfectly inside the EPP carrying case while leaving space for your stuff, saving your effort on the package. The board can be strapped to the wheeled case and is easy to transport, especially long-range towing. Travel with Waydoo Flyer ONE Plus Efoil is like a breeze.

3. Parameter comparison of Flyer One & Flyer One Plus

Parameter comparison of Flyer One & Flyer One

Parameter comparison of Flyer One & Flyer One Plus (EPP Edition)

Customized buying experience - Fully meet your needs

Most of the eFoil sets on the market are set and cannot be changed to select accessories. Are you struggling with wanting a board made of carbon but a mast for beginners? No worries; all your needs can be met at Waydoo since Flyer One Plus is customizable by choosing your board, mast, and wing. So how to choose the right set for yourself? Know the different features of accessories first. 

Choose your mast (25.6" The Explorer Mast or 33" The Patroller Mast): for beginners, the Explorer Mast has higher stability and is easy to get started on. If you are experienced and want to fly higher and have more challenges, the Patroller Mast is your best choice.

Choose your wing (32" The Explorer Wing or 27.4" The Patroller Wing): please take the Explorer Wing for a steady and smooth cruise, which is more suitable for beginners. The Patroller Wing is nimble and maneuverable. It is the perfect choice for seasoned riders.

Comparison of Waydoo' Mast

Comparison of Waydoo' Mast

Pre-order method - Save your mind and money on the shopping process.

Want to experience the cutting-edge technology of water sports but hesitate about the price? Waydoo, an efoil brand with a price advantage, introduces a thoughtful pre-order as the purchase form of the Plus version, which can help you take off the burden of investing a large sum of money at once and ease your purchase concerns. The pre-order customers just need to fulfill a €300 partial payment to grab a Flyer One Plus. Compared to other brands, Waydoo offers not only air freight service (2-5 business days) but also a truck freight option (7-10 business days), which can help you further save approx. €320.

More than that, the pre-order also offers some substantially limited offers. Since Flyer One Plus is produced in limited quantities, pre-order customers can get a priority shipping service after fulfilling the additional payment. The first 30 payers (fulfill additional payment) will also receive an extra propeller worth €180. 

Waydoo Flyer One Plus Efoil with its propellerWaydoo Flyer One Plus Efoil with its propeller

Outstanding features retained

Here, Flyer One Plus remains many outstanding specialties of Flyer One.

1. The expanded polypropylene (EPP) foam

Waydoo's exclusive expanded polypropylene (EPP) foam is high-density, while an embedded aluminum alloy frame gives the board more rigidity. At the same time, the perfect combination of these two materials makes efoil exceptionally light while easy to clean and maintain, making your journey more enjoyable. Also, the dampening properties of the material reduce the risks of injuries from body-board contact, which is friendly to beginners.

2. Cordless battery

A two-step installation procedure allows a quick assembly and plug-and-play ride, making your preparation effortless. Waydoo eFoil is the world's first integrated, cordless electric hydrofoil equipped with our proprietary PowerFlight Cell Lithium-ion battery. The smart Battery Management System (BMS) and IP68 waterproof ability offer comprehensive protection during operation. Also, to build a friendly marine environment, the battery is designed to be rechargeable and replaceable.

waydoo's cordless battery

Waydoo's cordless battery

After reading this in-depth comparison article, can't you wait to own a fantastic Flyer One Plus? Don't wait; grab yours now, and you'll fall in love with it!

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