Waydoo Flyer ONE lets you carve through the water at an unbelievable 22mph

What could be better than hovering over the waves? One of the fastest-growing trends in outdoor recreation, eFoiling, has redefined the future of modern water sports. In fact, such entertainment is seen by many as ideal. And now, there is an opportunity to relatively cheaply realize this desire.

The young company Waydoo has recently introduced a new product called Flyer ONE in 2020. It is an electric hydrofoil surfboard powered by a robust propulsion system that allows you to experience ultimate, breathtaking moments as you glide across the water

The developers have relied on the practicality and simplicity of the design so that the board is easier to use with many features. Simply assemble the board, mast, and wing with the six screws provided and the pluy-and-play PowerFlight battery with a single press.

Waydoo Flyer ONE is not dependent on wind or waves, so you can ride anywhere, anytime.


The Flyer ONE board is made using materials such as EPP foam and aluminium alloy. The mast is made of fashioned aluminium grade 6061, and the main wing is from carbon fiber. Its battery is protected against water according to the IP67 standard and is installed with a special compartment, closed by a cover.

The Flyer ONE Explorer measures 173 x 81.4 x 95 cm and weighs around 35 kilograms. As for the electric motor, it offers a maximum power of 6kW, which is enough to transport a person of average size and weight at about 35km/h (22mph). Waydoo Flyer ONE offers a long-lasting ride for up to 85 minutes, giving you the freedom to explore without limits. The battery fully recharges in 2 hours. No need to have wind to take off since the electric propulsion takes care of it.

Waydoo Flyer ONE comes with superior safety features.

The control of the entire dynamic section will be carried out through a controller that the user will use by hand. With a built-in GPS, the Jet ONE Controller keeps track of your progress every single ride. Pilots can choose up to 24 gears, whatever the mode is chosen: beginner, intermediate, and advanced and choose the position that suits them: kneeling, sitting, or standing. The Jet ONE Controller will automatically lock when the rider falls into the water.

On the surfboard, there is an anti-glare display that displays basic information about the current operating mode and speed. Also, the board itself can be synchronized with a special mobile application through which fine-tuning can be performed.






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