Waydoo partner Future Movement Co. had the pleasure of taking out the two most glamorous women from the James Bond No Time to Die movie premiere In Sydney, Australia for an experience on the water riding the Waydoo Flyer ONE efoil.

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Miss World Australia 2019 Sarah Marschke and DJ Helena Ellis came to Sydney’s south to try out foiling on the Waydoo for the first time. A film crew was there capturing the water action in Sans Souci and coverage will be aired on Channel 7 News.
We sat down with Miss World Australia 2019 Sarah Marschke straight after her successful experience foiling and her delight was clear to see.


Waydoo partner: Hi Sarah how are you?

Sarah Marschke: Hi I am good.

Waydoo partner: So what did you just do?

Sarah Marschke: I just I went out there and I gave it my best go on the board and I managed to stand up quite a few times so its not as hard as you would think it would be. Once you get the technique down oh you will be flying.

Waydoo partner: Awesome, so that was your first time on an e foil?

Sarah Marschke: It was my first time. And I’ll tell you what it's soo much better then a jet-ski I would prefer that any day.

Waydoo partner: Fantastic and were you able to stand up?

Sarah Marschke: I was. I think about a solid 7 times. And I was able to get out of the water. When you fall down it’s just like hitting water it doesn’t hurt at all.

Waydoo partner: Fantastic and how long did it take you to get up?

Sarah Marschke: I think about a minute. Maybe even less than a minute. I was really determined to stand up. So I kind of wiggled my way around the board got my balance and then I was like I am going for it. And so I was able to stand up.

Waydoo partner: Awesome! It was lovely to have you.

Sarah Marschke: Thank you very much.


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