What can subnado underwater scooters bring to you?

As the sport of diving becomes mature, increasingly modern and advanced scuba diving equipment appears on the market. Waydoo designed a new type of underwater scooter - subnado, which has attracted many people's attention. It has some unique features compared with other sea scooters, giving you a special experience.   

1. Truly free your hands

Instead of other underwater scooters requiring you to grab the handle with your hands, you can use the thumb controller to control the subnado, and thanks to the quick-release mounting system, it can be mounted on your arms or legs, thus freeing up your hands. In this way, you can do a variety of tasks in the water, feeling the sensation of being gravity-free. 

2. 100W USB-C Charging & Reverse charging

As the world's first propulsion product with USB-C fast-charging system, subnado can be fully charged within 1.2 hours. And it also has the function of reverse charging, which means it can be used as a rechargeable battery in times of emergency.


Charging the iphone with subnado underwater scooter

charging the phone with the subnado underwater scooter

3. Affordability

Sold at $ 329 on Kickstarter, the subnado is more affordable than other underwater scooters that cost thousands of dollars. You can buy it for yourself and your children to have a family affair. You can play with your friend to enjoy fun times. It is easy to do just in the swimming pool at home.


enjoy different underwater activities with the subnado sea scooter
enjoy different underwater activities with the subnado sea scooter

4. Advanced underwater propulsion system

With a unique jet propulsion design, subnado can easily operate to depths of 60 meters and speeds of up to 1.4 meters per second, giving you the ultimate underwater thrill. Whether it's deep diving or snorkeling, subnado has you covered. But it is important to note that if you want to dive to a depth of 18 meters, you need to have an Open Water Diver (OWD) Certification, 30m with the AOWD Certification, and the recreational diving limit is 40m; only technical diving can reach beyond.
Subnado is still on sale on kickstarter. Go and get yours!

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